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Underground Mining Production Manager Management $125,000 - $135,000 RG16146
Submit Resume Job Type: Permanent Date Posted: May-16-2019

Position:     Underground Mining Production Manager
Location:     Pugwash, NS   Canada
Compensation: $125,000 - $135,000 + Excellent Benefits + Paid Relocation

Job Description:

This role is an opening because of retirement.
The underground Mine is situated in Nova Scotia and the successful candidate will require production management experience from a mining setting.
Second choice would be a Mining Engineer with strong production focus.
The type of mining operation or commodity is not a concern for the Client.
The mine is located in a low cost of living location with superb healthcare and schooling, easy going lifestyle with extremely affordable housing.

Reporting to the Production Manager are (6) positions - (2) Production Foremen, (1) Mine Captain and (3) Mine Foremen.
The incumbent deals with Nova Scotia Labor and Workforce Development - Occupational Health and Safety Division regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Act and on occasions accompanies the Inspector during inspections of the mine department.
He/she initiates remedial work regarding specific orders from the Occupational Health and Safety Division to ensure regulatory compliance.
The incumbent ensures that regular Departmental Safety meetings are held and oversees corrective actions resulting from such meetings.
He/she also ensures that general safety and training sessions are held involving all employees and participates on a regular basis.
Labor Relations and Accounting functions play a major role in this job function. He/she participates in annual budget forecasting by furnishing necessary and accurate information and data to Management and operates throughout the year within those budget guidelines.
The incumbent ensures compliance with provisions of the Union Agreement and Company Rules and Regulations without eroding Management rights by providing necessary direction and guidance to supervisory staff under his/her jurisdiction. He/she motivates them to acceptable levels of work performance.
The Production Manager is responsible for the operation of the production shaft and the service shaft as well as maintenance of same within the guidelines of the shaftman's responsibilities.
Daily liaison with Supervisors in other departments is essential in order to avoid conflicts and potential problem areas and to coordinate production schedules with planned maintenance programs.
He/she attends Weekly Management Meetings with the Facility Manager to discuss and review development of long term plans and changes in production schedules affecting production. He/she reports on any unusual conditions which could affect the overall working plan.
He/she reviews progress on projects and the implementation of new ideas, processes and concepts that would improve mine performance.
The Production Manager initiates personnel actions such as disciplinary measures when required.
Daily, weekly and monthly mining reports are furnished to the Facility Manager.


(1) Safety:
- Review and ensure incident investigations and reports related to the department are completed according to acceptable standards and in a timely fashion.
- Monitor and ensure workplace planned safety inspections and tests related to the department are completed according to acceptable standards and in a timely fashion.
- Monitor and ensure corrective actions related to the department and stemming from incident investigations, workplace inspections, safety audits and JOHS recommendations are responded to and completed in a timely fashion.
- Promote the goal of 100 percent attendance at monthly department safety meetings, and provide logistical support to ensure quality presentations in a timely fashion
(2) Unit cost control and efficiency through effective production, planning and scheduling of both regular (routine) and major maintenance.
(3) Maintaining production levels through effective training and guidance of supervisory staff.
(4) Recording and reporting operating results in order to assist plant management in adapting operations to meet current requirements and prepare long range plans.
(5) Preparing preliminary budget figures for each fiscal year, reviewing and updating current budget for revisions.
(8) Maintaining labor relations through the effective and proper administration of the Collective Agreement and participating in Labor/Management meetings.
(9) Implementation of the Safety and Health Policy and Procedures, accident prevention and investigation, and organizing safety meetings on topics such as W.H.M.I.S. as required by government legislation.
(10)     Responsible for product safety, quality and legality.
(11) All aspects of rock salt production in the required quantities and quality to meet customer demands.

An Engineering Degree.
5+ years of experience successfully leading a Mine/Production department.
3+ 3 years experience in team management.
Strong working experience in a mining environment.

Location: Pugwash, NS

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